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Logic Discussion Group

The discussion group is open to researchers and postgraduate students with an interest in logic and its applications. Topics include (but are not limited to) algorithmic model theory, proof complexity, knowledge representation, and reasoning. Thursdays, 13:30-15:00, Boardroom, EC Stoner Building, Level 8.

Upcoming meetings 2018

11th October: 5 minute presentations of research interests

18th October: Noleen Koehler, Testing Neighbourhoods in the Bounded Degree Model

25th October: Leroy Chew, An Introduction to Satisfiability Testing

8th November: Polly Fahey, First-order Logic and sublinear time learning

15th November: Jake Horsfield, Beta-perfect graphs

29th November: Giulia Sindoni, Representing granularity in discrete spatial reasoning with modal logic (Location: Active Learning Lab 9.30a)

14th February: Nofar Carmeli, Enumeration of UCQs with Constant Delay (Time/Location: 1100-1200  E C Stoner SR 9.90)



Organised by Isolde Adler